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Content Management System

Coldhrbour websiteThe WebComfort Web-Easy? content management system has great facilities for many types of organisations including businesses, clubs, parish councils, schools and more. The system is very easy to use, and takes care of all technical aspects of the website for you whilst maintaining a professional looking website which meets your requirements. The system allows you to be in charge of your own website and has low set up and running costs.


One of the best features of the system is that it really helps you to keep your website up to date. For example, events are automatically not shown after they have been completed. However, it does much more than this to help you keep a constantly changing professional looking website even though you may only do periodic maintenance.


The WebComfort Web-Easy system has can be used to create and maintain any website. However, we have also developed features for a number of specific organisation types  so that you can use a system that really helps you and your organisation. In addition, we listen to each of customers and continually develop new features to help them as well as other customers. However, each organisation is different and so your website can be tailored to meet your organisation's specific needs. Please look at the specific solution developed for your type of organisation.


This system is used by many organisations including: British German Association, Photo site and of course this site.


Key factors

Maids Moreton Parish CouncilThe important factors for using the Web-Easy? content management system for your website are as follows:


  • Quick and easy administration.
  • Enables you to quickly have a website without the need for you or your coleagues to have any website design experience.
  • Professional appearance that welcomes visitors and entices them to look further.
  • Helps to ensure the website is easily navigable.
  • Have a website which is easily maintainable by yourselves and requires no additional software. *
  • Website administration is password protected and includes features to minimise the work involved.
  • Designed to operate securely with a fast response time.

Low initial set up and ongoing costs.


The WebComfort Web-Easy? system enables you to quickly have a professional looking website which is easily maintained by you (without the need for you to have any website experience).



* Assumes that you have access to the internet and have one or more PCs with a web browser such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer available.



Bicester Tiles websiteThe Web-Easy system includes features which make the creation and maintenance of your website pages very easy and quick. The Web-Easy system is accessed securely on-line through Internet Explorer (or other Web browser) and no software is needed to use the system. As long as you can fill in on-line forms then you can use this system from day 1. As with most systems, you will be able to create more and more complicated pages as you gain experience if you need to.


The Web-Easy system enables you to easily maintain standard pages, but more significantly, it enables you to optionally include one or more of the following special page types, which we know are useful to include in most websites:


  • A News page ? news items are automatically displayed (or not) according to display dates you entered. This facility helps you to keep your news page up to date.
  • An Events page ? only current and future events (based on the event date) are displayed. This really helps to keep your website looking fresh.
  • A Notices page ? only current notices are displayed (based on the display dates you entered)
  • A Frequently Asked Questions page
  • Secured pages which are only accessible to those who have been allocated a userid and password.
  • Members pages such as a Directory page listing the members and a Message / Bulletin board.
  • Sports clubs can include Fixtures pages (which are easily updatable with match scores, reports etc.) and a Training schedule (which allows you to list your regular weekly training sessions).
  • Sponsors details (again easily maintained by you) can be included in the overall page design ? see bottom of the left section on this site.
  • Contact You and also Your location pages
  • Search the website facility page
  • and much more ...


Many of these pages need frequent updating and the Web-Easy CMS significantly reduces the maintenance effort allowing you to do scheduled maintenance on a weekly or monthly basis while the website contents can be dynamically changing on a daily basis.


Web-Easy Content Management system advantages

Sunshine Coast France websiteThe Web-Easy system has a number of advantages as follows:


  • Professional looking Design ? You can opt to have the website design created for you or use the system tools provided to help you create your own website design 
  • Low Cost ? Use of the Web-Easy system has deliberately been kept low and the system is accessed on-line through Internet Explorer (or other Web browser). Therefore no software is needed to use the system. However, you may need to use some basic image software or make use of our image conversion services.
  • You are in Control ? the Web-Easy system enables you to be in control of the content of your own website. You can update the content as much as you like whenever you want and of course there is no need to pay to use a web designer to maintain your content.
  • Easy to use ? the Web-Easy system is easy to use and you don?t need to have any web design experience to update or create web pages. The system automatically maintains the website menu for you.
  • Useful Labour Saving Facilities ? the Web-Easy system has various facilities which can really help you keep your site up to date while minimising the work you have to do (this is especially true when comparing to you using conventional web design tools).
  • Good Support ? the Web-Easy system is on-line and is maintained by us leaving you to only have to think about your website content. Also, by being an on-line system we are more easily able to help you if you or need any help.
  • Future proof your website As mentioned above, the Web-Easy system is easy to use and you don?t need to have any web design experience. This means that you can easily transfer responsibility for maintaining your website to another member of your team. We could also help you through a transitional period if needed.
  • Very reasonable costs for using the Web-Easy system.

Find out more

Please contact WebComfort for more information about how the Web-Easy? content management system can be used for your website. WebComfort would be happy to discuss your web requirements with you to ensure your new (or updated) website meets your specific needs.  


We are sure you will think that the costs are reasonable and relatively small for the huge benefits you will get from an effective website and the ease of administration.





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